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Podcasts are popular among gamers to discover new interesting facts and receive useful tips, hence here are some that you can check out from your computer or smartphone.

Kinda Funny Gamescast

Featured image Resources for Gamers Kinda Funny Gamescast - Resources for Gamers

This is a podcast that brings humor and knowledge together at the hand of Greg Miller, who is already established in the entertainment industry. Tim Gettys join Miller in bringing listeners some news on the industry, opinions, and game analysis. Every episode is available with video, for those that prefer to watch it.

8-4 Play

Featured image Resources for Gamers 8 4 Play - Resources for Gamers

This podcast has been live for over ten years, hosted by Chris Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald, who engage listeners by discussing everything that is new in the gaming industry.

The duo has all the experience that comes with owning a company that is dedicated to translating Japanese games to the English language, helping gamers broaden their reach.

The Patch

Featured image Resources for Gamers The Patch - Resources for Gamers

There are over 150 episodes available even with video for visitors to download, of the podcast that covers mostly gaming, some side discussions, and interesting stories worth mentioning. The Rooster Teeth host it and this guarantees top-quality content for every episode.

Gamers with Jobs

Featured image Resources for Gamers Gamers with Jobs - Resources for Gamers

This podcast was created with adult gamers in mind, people that have careers and families, mostly to cover all the different new video games. Additionally, they talk about every factor that might be affecting the gaming industry and do it all in ways that grown-up gamers are likely to understand and relate to.

GoNintendo Podcast

Featured image Resources for Gamers GoNintendo Podcast - Resources for Gamers

Another post cast that brings some comedy at the hands of its hots, Kevin Cassidy, GoNintendo has been steadily uploading one video a week for more than ten years. They never fail to deliver new content and keep things fresh by discussing news in the gaming industry.

Idle Thumbs

Featured image Resources for Gamers Idle Thumbs - Resources for Gamers

If you want to be informed about the more technical side of the gaming industry, Idle Thumbs is the ideal podcast to receive information about game design and development. The hosts, Sean Vanaman, Nick Breckon, and Chris Remo usually discuss indie games that you do not get the chance to hear about in every other media.